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How the release of the Fallout TV series has affected the gaming franchise: analysis from AppMagic

The recent release of Amazon's new TV series based on the iconic Fallout game series has had a very positive impact on gaming. Gamers again showed interest in the post-apocalyptic game, despite the fact that the latest instalment - Fallout 76 - was released in 2018, and Bethesda has no word on a sequel (seriously, not even a hint from Todd Howard!).

AppMagic analysed the most popular parts of the franchise after the release of the series and got some truly incredible numbers!

What's the situation with the computer parts of Fallout?

As I mentioned, Fallout 76 came out in 2018, and the last single numbered single-player instalment, Fallout 4, in 2015! Come to think of it, that was almost 10 years ago! However, that hasn't stopped the game from being on Steam's list of most popular games at all. On the 30th of April Fallout 4 took the 9th line of this ranking, and at the time of writing this article on the 8th of May it has moved down to only the 11th position.

Fallout 76 was less fortunate, as it ended up on the 40th position. Being in the top 50 is not bad either, considering how long-suffering the game has been over the years and how gamers disliked it. But in my humble opinion, by 2024, the game has become quite good. The developers had fixed most of its problems, so it was much more comfortable to play.

Under the acclaimed success Fallout 4 received a nextgen update, which brought the game to playable 60 frames on next-gen consoles, as well as made a number of fixes and even added new quests! Of course, this update wasn't as significant as, for example, the Witcher 3 update to non-extgen state, but the fact that the game is supported 9 years after its release can't help but make the average fan of the series happy.

Fallout 4 position on Steam
By the end of April, Fallout 4 was at the top of the most popular games on Steam

Fallout Shelter is consistently making $200,000 a day!

The situation is even better with the franchise's mobile game, as revenues have increased almost 10 times since the series' release! Released at the same time as Fallout 4 in 2015, the game has been downloaded 79 million times on IOS and Android devices. Let's be honest, this real-time strategy game was a good enough game, so such success was obvious.

And this fact is further confirmed by the game's revenue, which many years after its release is still afloat and steadily earning around $500,000 monthly. However, the obvious fact is that the franchise needed a boost: such a time period is clearly not in favour of the series' games, and the loyalty of fans is not infinite. And then, in early April, the first episode of the long-awaited series based on the game was released!

If at the beginning of 2024 Fallout Shelter was steadily bringing the company about 18,000 dollars daily, then after the debut it began to bring as much as 200,000 dollars every day! Right after the launch of the TV show, Bethesda announced exclusive content for the mobile version of Fallout Shelter. For a limited time, until May 7, Fallout Shelter mobile players can obtain five new characters-Lucy, The Ghoul, Maximus, Ma June, and the Snake Oil Salesman-and two companions, Snip Snip and CX404, as well as a Vault 33 jumpsuit and other gear from the show.

In addition, now the mobile game even in the app shops directly references the series. A great move from Bethesda, as this way the influx of new players will be (and has been!) much higher due to the film adaptation.

As a result, the game is consistently ranking in the top 3 mobile games in terms of downloads and revenue by almost the middle of May! I consider this an incredible success that has only benefited the series. And maybe Bethesda will still consider making a sequel, rather than selling the game in re-releases like they did with Skyrim.
New mobile game characters inspired by the TV series
The transmedia nature of games has proven to be exceptionally good, both in marketing, attracting new players and pushing long-forgotten games. It's worth remembering The Witcher again: there are books, games, and several TV series. I am very much expecting that in the near future we will again be pleased with the announcement of some series on the game franchise, or a continuation of the cult series Fallout (by the way, summer is approaching - the best time for gaming conferences). Let's follow the news together!
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