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Uma Musume Pretty Derby has earned $2.4 billion since release

Uma Musume Pretty Derby is a game based on the popular manga franchise of the same name. Players need to train pretty girls to compete in races. Quite an interesting concept for a modern anime.

The game itself was released in February 2021 for iOS, Android, and Windows, and Sensor Tower recently published a report that reported phenomenal revenue for this game. According to analysts, the game earned $2.4 billion in revenue by March of this year. That's roughly half the revenue of the most popular mobile anime game to date, Genshin Impact.
Quite expectedly, Uma Musume Pretty Derby's main market is Japan. Gamers from this country brought the developers more than 90% of the total revenue. And thanks to in-game events dedicated to the third anniversary of the project, the game has been steadily holding the first place for the last two months in the Japanese AppStore.

Only time will tell if this project will be able to continue to maintain this level of success, as well as whether Cygames will bring its brainchild to the global market and attract international players.
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