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The 20 most profitable games in April 2024: Newzoo report

Newzoo has published a report on the highest paid games on PC and console for April this year. In the top were both new releases and perennial classics. We'll talk about them in more detail in this article.

Note that Newzoo takes revenue data from Europe and the US. Other markets were not taken into account in the report.

A detailed review of the best revenue games for April 2024

We will focus on the top ten leaders, and also mention the most interesting games from the second ten.
  1. Fortnite came in first place. Despite being released 7 years ago, the game is still one of the most popular free-to-play games that offer players regular events and updates.
  2. It is followed closely by CoD MW 2/3/Warzone. Despite the failed release of the third instalment of the reboot of the legendary series, the company's games are still holding their own. This is primarily due to a free online shooter from the series called Warzone, as well as quite good first two releases of the Cod Modern Warfare reboot. In addition, the popularity and interest in the games has been fuelled a bit by the announcement of a new instalment in the Black Ops series, which will be shown at upcoming game shows.
  3. EA Sports FC 2024. Every year this series safely occupies all the tops on many indicators, so it is not surprising at all to meet it in 2024. It is especially appreciated by Playstation fans: here it took the first place in terms of profit. However, thanks to excellent development, functionality and advanced technology EA Sports FC 2024 is also in demand among players of other platforms.
  4. NBA 2K24. Here the situation is quite similar to the previous game, but the sport is different. The game is in great demand on XBOX, where players put it on the 3rd place of the ranking in terms of revenue.
  5. Diablo 4. The famous RPG was released last year, but it still continues to break all records. Players are very positive about all the components of this game, so it is not surprising that even after a year Diablo 4 causes such a stir on all platforms.
  6. Helldrivers 2. The third-person team-based shooter was released in February this year, but quickly became popular. Perhaps the notorious space setting was the main reason for the success, perhaps - a good realisation of the idea and support of the fans of the first part. Or maybe players just like team shooters and are ready to support the developers.
  7. MLB The Show 2024. I don't think it's worth lingering on this game for long. Like the previous sports games in this ranking, this one is popular with baseball fans and even those who are only superficially interested in it.
  8. Valorant. Contrary to its four-year old age, the game is still in demand among players. And no wonder, because there are various modes, regular player support and in-game events available for users. Oh, and the game itself is free to play and offers players only in-game purchases.
  9. Star Wars: Jedi Survivor. Although the game didn't start last year very well, this year the situation has improved a bit. The continuation of the saga about Jedi Kal in April took a much more favourable position than months before. By the way, this was helped by a 55% discount on XBOX.
  10. Roblox. Sandbox, which was released almost 20 years ago, is still one of the most popular variants of the genre on all platforms. Once again, I'd like to point out how important it is to support a game in a multi-year perspective and how regular events help attract players and profits.
In the second top ten most profitable games across all platforms, there were a few options that particularly managed to catch our attention:
  • GTA V. This game is extremely popular thanks to the online mode and regular updates. And on the background of the development of the new part and the released trailers, the players themselves fuelled interest in the previous game. We are sure that even after the release of GTA VI, which is scheduled for next year for consoles, the previous part will still have a huge caste of PC players, who will be anxiously waiting for the transfer of the new game to their platform.
  • Manor Lord. This is the only new game that made it to the ranking. The game took the 16th line. It itself is a strategy in the setting of the Middle Ages and received a lot of positive feedback from Steam and XBOX users.
  • Minecraft. The multiplatform sandbox is the main competitor of Roblox. The game was also released more than a dozen years ago, but still remains afloat and continues to delight players. It should not be forgotten that Minecraft is considered to be the game with the largest audience, as well as the best-selling game in the history of video games. Therefore, its regular appearance in this kind of rankings (regardless of the place it occupies) is quite justified.

Major changes in the market for April 2024 by MAU

Here we can mention a few games that managed to positively break into the top of the best on different platforms. Among them are the following titles:

  • Fallout 4. The game overcame more than 81 positions to rank 13th in terms of active users. This is an incredibly good indicator, which was influenced by transmedia. Namely the release of a new TV series based on the game's universe. This is the biggest surge in player influx since the game's release. In addition, the other part of the game, Fallout 76, has seen a big uptick in success, but mostly on XBOX.
  • Helldivers II started to lose ground. The game fell by 3 lines in the overall ranking.
  • The leaders are still the same - Fortnite; Call of Duty; Minecraft; Roblox; Grand Theft Auto V.
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