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"No Hesi Car Traffic Racing" Reaches #1 in US Racing Games on iOS, Driven by Playcus Publishing and Roimax AI

Playcus Publishing proudly announces that "No Hesi Car Traffic Racing" has soared to the #1 spot in the Racing Games category on the US App Store. This achievement showcases the effectiveness of Playcus Publishing's unique approach to game promotion, enhanced by innovative AI traffic acquisition from Roimax.

Rapid Ascent to the Top: Since launching in December, "No Hesi Car Traffic Racing" climbed to the top of the charts within 12 weeks, demonstrating the strength of Playcus Publishing’s strategic marketing and community engagement.

Why Playcus Publishing Stands Out:

  • Non-Traditional Publishing Model: We don't follow the classic CPI model. Instead, we offer a low barrier to entry, making it easier for developers to succeed.
  • Support for All Developers: Even if you haven’t passed tests with other publishers, we welcome you to join us and benefit from our proven strategies.

Innovative AI Traffic Acquisition with Roimax: In collaboration with Roimax, we utilized cutting-edge AI technology for traffic acquisition, which significantly boosted our reach and effectiveness. Roimax's AI-driven platform ensures optimal traffic monetization and superior performance.

Partner with Playcus Publishing: Are you a game developer with a unique vision? Partner with Playcus Publishing to elevate your game to new heights.

Visit Playcus Publishing for more information.

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