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HIT Games Conference, Istanbul 2024 - Results & Photoreport

Audience applause and explosive atmosphere - that's how one of the key events of this year's HIT Games Conference can be described. This time the conference brought a lot of new impressions to Istanbul.

While the fervour is still fading, we would like to thank all the participants, speakers, sponsors, moderators, activity and exhibition participants and volunteers. It is only thanks to you and your companies that the conference has become a landmark event in the world of the gaming industry, it is only thanks to you that we all enjoyed and savoured the event. Thank you for your support!

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However, we are here solely for the purpose of summarising the results, so I dare not take up your valuable time. Let's look at the numbers:
  • 750+ participants. Professionals and amateurs united to share invaluable experience with each other.
  • 73 Speakers. Opinion leaders gathered from different companies, from different corners of the world for the sole purpose of giving the audience what they are asking for.
  • More than 40 participating countries. With participants from 18 countries, our event demonstrated the global reach of the gaming community.
  • 488 meetings held. This figure was an impressive demonstration of the power of networking in the games industry.
  • 40+ Developers Showcase attendees. This year our company set a new record by bringing together the maximum number of teams that presented their games at Developers Showcase.
Thank you to everyone who participated and who was involved in the preparation!
As HIT Games Conference Istanbul 2024 comes to an end, we would like to thank everyone who helped us to achieve an outstanding result. The gaming community feels the indelible mark left by your enthusiasm, passion and unwavering support. We look forward to seeing you at our events across the board, the nearest of which will take place on 22-23 June in Barcelona! See you soon!